The New Battlestars
NBC Daytime, April 4, 1983-July 1, 1983
Run time
30 Minutes
Alex Trebek
Charlie Tuna
NBC Studio 3, Burbank, California

This is chronicling the 1983 version of The New Battlestars.

Game FormatEdit

When the program returned in 1983, the rules were modified. This time all ten points of light were lit to start the game and the object was to turn them off. Once a player extinguished a point of light, instead of using the randomizer for the next selection he/she simply kept calling numbers. The randomizer was only used when a contestant lost control. The goal was still the same, with three captured stars winning the game.

The two answer choices provided to the celebrity were also displayed for the home audience; however, the contestants were unable to see them.

Bonus game: The Main EventEdit

The winner and the three captured Battlestars (or three of the contestant's choice if more were captured) played a three-question bonus round. Each multiple-choice question had three possible answers which were displayed to both the contestant and the celebrity in play. After the celebrity offered his or her choice, the contestant was asked whether he or she agreed or disagreed. If the contestant was correct in disagreeing, he or she had to choose the correct answer from the two remaining choices to win any money. Each correct answer earned $500. If the contestant answered all three questions correctly, he or she won the "Battlestars Bonanza", a jackpot that started with $5,000 cash and an assortment of prizes that bumped the value of the entire jackpot to over $10,000. For each day the Bonanza went unclaimed, one additional prize was added to it (the cash amount stayed at $5,000 no matter what).

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The New Battlestars (April 4, 1983) series premiere! Debbie vs Scott

The New Battlestars (April 4, 1983) series premiere! Debbie vs Scott

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