The Amateur's Guide to
Blank Space
70s Love
CBS Daytime, March 27, 1972-June 23, 1972
Run time
30 Minutes
Gene Rayburn
Kenny Williams
Studio 43, CBS Television City, Los Angeles, California

Amateur's Guide to Love (stylized as The Amateur's Guide to Love) was a relationship game show.

Game FormatEdit

The show somewhat resembled Candid Camera, a show involving guest celebrities and unsuspecting civilians. These people were involved in a comedy situation, taped on location in Southern California using a hidden camera. The subjects in the particular situation were faced with two choices, one of which they needed to choose, that were somehow related to sex, marriage, or love. A celebrity panel voted upon which choice would have been the smartest, and the civilian who picked that particular decision won merchandise prizes.

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Opening Monologue by Gene RayburnEdit

This little truck goes everywhere in search of lovers--
--in search, really, of you and me.
For each of us, at some time, has been involved with matters of the heart.
Our truck goes to beaches, supermarkets, department stores--wherever there are people.
We park outside, hide our camera, and observe our fellow creatures struggling to do their best in romantic situations.
Love has been with us since the dawn of creation...
...but still, we've never really learned how to handle it.
The Amateur's Guide to Love is here to help!


No known merchandise was made.


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Episode StatusEdit

One episode of The Amateur's Guide to Love is known to exist. The series is thought to be destroyed, but this is unconfirmed.


AMATEUR'S GUIDE TO LOVE opening credits

AMATEUR'S GUIDE TO LOVE opening credits