Malcolm No Lights
Malcom 1983 alt
Run time
30 Minutes
Alex Trebek
Malcolm (voiced by Bob Stone)

Malcolm was an unsold game show pilot.

Main GameEdit

A question is asked with the answer being two words long. The three contestants would have the chance to buzz in. The two to buzz in the fastest will be given the chance to answer one of the two words of the question. The two players are each awarded 10 points if both get their parts of the answer correct.

If one of the contestants is wrong, then Malcolm goes into one of the two slots along with the third contestant and he has to answer a part of a new question. The advantage is that his part of the answer is always right. In addition, he gets the first say regardless of which part. Prior to giving the correct answer to either part, Malcolm usually gives a joker answer. The game then continues as usual.

The champion is the first to get 50 points. The contestant who helped give the opponent the win (both contestants answered the question that gave one of them the win) was invited back to the next game. It is unknown what would've happened if both partners made it to 50.

Bonus RoundEdit

Eight categories are presented. Selecting a category caused Alex to read the question under that category with the player and Malcolm each answering one part of the answer. As in the main game, Malcolm's part of the answer is always right. Answering the question correctly reveals the hidden prize and answering an additional question in the same category won the prize. The round lasted for 90 seconds (1½ minutes) and the object is to win as many prizes as possible or to find the $10,000 prize (the $10,000 cannot be won until at least one other prize has been won).