Hollywood Teasers
Run time
30 Minutes
Robb Weller

Hollywood Teasers was an unsold game show pilot.


Two contestants played a game similar to All Star Blitz except with altered rules and six stars (not four).

To start, the category of a "Teaser" was revealed. A "Teaser" is a word puzzle in the same manner as Blitz (Blitz never revealed the category of the puzzle). On a player's turn, he/she pressed an actuator which caused the board to flash. When the flashing stopped, a star's square lit up. That's the star who will be asked a question posed by host Weller. When the star gave his/her answer, the contestant decided whether to agree or disagree on the answer. After each question, a clue to the "Teaser" was revealed. The clue was either a letter, a word or a portion of a word. At some point, a player may wish to solve the puzzle or continue playing. The first player to solve the puzzle won the game and $500. The first player to solve three "Teasers" won the match and then selected who will theme reveal what prize that contestant has won.