VH1 Hip Hop Squares
Hip Hop Squares S2
VH1: March 13, 2017-present
Run Time
30 minutes
DeRay Davis
Ice Cube
Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, California

This is chronicling the 2017 version of Hip Hop Squares. Most commonly known as VH1 Hip Hop Squares its the show where you can "Come to Play, Stay to Party", produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment. In association with Entertain the Brutes, Cube Vision and The Firm.

Game formatEdit

In this version, two hip hop celebrities compete to win money for their fans in the studio audience. Other than that, the game is the same as it has always been, but with this one exception: to make a decision, the star in control presses one of two buttons in front of him/her. Green to agree, red to disagree. Also unlike the MTV2 version, there's no "G-Spot/Secret Square" round at all.

The first game is worth $500 and the second game is worth $1,000. In addition, each captured square is worth a random cash amount revealed when a star is chosen.

The star with the most money won the match and went on to play the three-in-a-row bonus round for a chance to double the dollars.

Bonus RoundEdit

So far, this version had two different bonus rounds.

Season 1 (3-in-a-Row): The nine squares will flash around the board. The winning fan stops the board by hitting a button in front of him/her. When it stops on a square, the winning star's symbol gets placed there. Unlike All-Star Blitz's bonus round, a spin of the board cannot land on a square occupied by a symbol. The winning team has five chances to make a tic tac toe. If the winning team succeeds, their winnings are doubled.

Season 2 ("Pick That Dough"): Each star has a prize contained in a record sleeve. Eight have cash from $1 to $5,000 while one has a trip. The winning fan picks three stars in a tic-tac-toe pattern and wins the prizes revealed.


The version will be executive produced by rapper/actor Ice Cube. In addition (unlike Whoopi Goldberg) he will also serve as the announcer and sometimes acts as the center square
This version was not only the first to feature celebrities as contestants, but also the first version with contestants to play with the same gender or family members.
DeRay Davis was once a panelists in the original MTV2 version before he became a host in the VH1 version. This also mirrors to John Davidson for when he was a former panelists on the original Hollywood Squares with Peter Marshall before he became a host of his own version of Squares in the 80s.
This was the second spinoff series of its kind to have its own reboot, the first was Celebrity Family Feud in 2015.

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Hip Hop Squares S01E01

Hip Hop Squares S01E01

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