Hip Hop Squares
Hip Hop Squares 2012
MTV2, May 22, 2012–December 18, 2012
Run time
30 Minutes
Peter Rosenberg
DJ Ms. Nix
Steiner Studios, Brooklyn, New York

Hip Hop Squares was a spinoff of Hollywood Squares with a hip hop/musical flavor to it. This was produced by Canter/Krank Industries.

Game FormatEdit

Like its predecessor in Hollywood Squares, Hip Hop Squares is based on the tic-tac-toe format. A win in the first two rounds is worth $500, and is worth $1,000 in round three. The Secret Square takes place in round two and is renamed the "G-Spot" with a $1,000 cash bonus that does not go towards a contestant's score. If time runs out in the middle of a round, each square on the board is worth $100 and the contestant with the higher score wins.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning contestant then picks one of the three rows from either the top, middle or bottom, with each celebrity in that row providing an answer to a multiple-choice question (read by Rosenberg). The contestant must pick the celebrity with the correct answer in order to win a $2,500 bonus.

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Hip Hop Squares will be back on TV, this time on VH1 with DeRay Davis as host and Ice Cube as executive producer. (Go to the "See Also" Page for details)

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MTV2 Hip Hop Squares Promo Spot

MTV2 Hip Hop Squares Promo Spot

Hip Hop Squares (episode 18, part 1)

Hip Hop Squares (episode 18, part 1)

Hip Hop Squares (episode 18, part 2)

Hip Hop Squares (episode 18, part 2)

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