CBS Daytime, March 13, 1961-September 29, 1961
Run time
30 Minutes
Steve Dunne
Kenny Williams
Studio 43, CBS Television City, Los Angeles, California

Double Exposure was a game show.

Game FormatEdit

Two contestants compete to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Hidden behind the puzzle is a famous person. Each player has an identical 12-piece puzzle, but they were isolated from each other so that they wouldn't see what the other has revealed; plus the pieces on both puzzles were numbered differently. On each turn, the player in control picked a piece of the puzzle to reveal. After that, an electronic board with 12 numbered spaces randomly displayed cash amounts from $10-$60 and the remaining 6 spaces each displaying "**", each indicating a prize. Whatever was on the space which corresponded to the numbered piece the player revealed would be added to the player's potential winnings. The first player to solve the puzzle won the game and all the cash & prizes earned. That was the good news, but here's the bad news: any player who exceeded $100 or more immediately lost. However, a player with $50 or more may freeze but may only win the cash if the opponent exceeded $100. The unfrozen player won the game if (s)he could either identify the celebrity or exceed the frozen player's cash total without going over $100. Later in the run, all cash amounts ended with 5 ($5-$55) and neither player could see each other's cash total.


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Ideal (1961)


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