Bedtime Stories
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Pilot, March 9, 1979
Syndication, June 18, 1979-August 1979
Run time
30 Minutes
Al Lohman and Roger Barkley
Kenny Williams
Studio 6, KTTV Television, Los Angeles, California

Bedtime Stories was a game show.

Game FormatEdit

Original FormatEdit

Two very different formats were played on the show. In the original format, Two married couples who are interviewed by Lohman or Barkley in their bedrooms discussed their "secrets" for a successful relationship. Later in the show, these two couples competed against each other as they tried to guess how many out of 100 people responded to sex-type questions (ex: Many Couples Have a Special Feeling When They Meet. Is That Feeling Love or Lust?). Each correct prediction was worth $500 each. Three questions were played in each "match-up".

New FormatEdit

After ten shows in two weeks were taped, the format was changed. In the new format, two married couples tried to guess how the other couple responded to a question in a pre-recorded segment. However, just like in the original format, each correct prediction was worth $500 each.


Lohman and Barkley's (and Kenny Williams) first short-lived Heatter-Quigley produced game show was Lohman & Barkely's Name Droppers on NBC daytime from 1969 until 1970.
The theme song and music cues from the pilot were also used on To Say the Least.

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No Merchandise was made based on the show.


Episode StatusEdit


KRON Bedtime Stories promo, 1979-1463418285

KRON Bedtime Stories promo, 1979-1463418285

Bedtime Stories (March 9, 1979) pilot episode

Bedtime Stories (March 9, 1979) pilot episode

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